David Butleradded February 15, 2021

So, with a name like "Super Block", i was expecting a Break-out clone. However, this is actually three games.
First, we have "Play Block", where a child throws blocks to the left. You need to hit your block against one or more blocks in a row/column that match symbols with your block to eliminate them. Beside throwing to the left to attack a row, you can aim at those upside-down brick steps at the top. This will deflect your block down to aim for a column instead of a row. You have a limited number of blocks to throw. It looks like you need to leave no mord than three blocks on the field before you run out of blocks to throw.
Second, we have "Fill Block". You are at the bottom of the screen. Weird shapes made of bricks are coming down from the top. You need to throw bricks in a pattern that changes the shape to a square or rectangle. That makes the shape disappear. If the shape reaches the bottom first, you lose.
Finally, we have "Hit Block". You are at the bottom again. Blocks with symbols are falling from the sky. You can pick which symbol is on the block that you throw. If it matches, you destroy the block. If the falling block reaches the ground, you lose.