David Butleradded December 5, 2020

So, this is something i wasn't aware of until recently. While the Watara Supervision was around, there was a special version called the Magnum Supervision. There was also a game that only worked on the Magnum version.
It is called "Journey to the West". Both it, and the Magnum Supervision are extremely rare today. Supposedly, the game is the holy grail among all Supervision games.
There is an eBay seller who has made a reproduction cartridge of this game. However, it is special in that it has the additional hardware to run on any Supervision console.
This contains the special PCB, some sticker, and the carrying case. It does not come with the cartridge shell. I had to sacrifice a spare copy of "Chimera". However, it is worth it to play this legendary game on real hardware. I will probably never hold the real thing in my hand.
I can confirm that it works on my regular Watara Supvision handheld. Unfortunately, it does not work correctly in my rare TV-Link unit. I was really hoping to use that, since i dont know that an original cartridge in the Magnum Supervision would have worked in the TV-Link. While the game does boot in the TV-Link, it is glitched and unplayable.