David Butleradded September 21, 2020

I don't usually buy plush toys, but i really enjoyed Life is Strange. The game has some flaws, with pretty much everybody mocking the dislogue. Even the relationship between Max and Chloe isnt as healthy as i remember. Chloe's character development is also lacking. However, i enjoyed the time travel, the story, the environments, and the various realistic characters.
The plush toy has a grey hoodie that unzips to reveal the pink shirt. The other clothes dont open. The bookbag is nicely detailed, though it doesnt open either. She doesnt have enormous feet like in the game, but the head is about right. The camera is magnetic and sticks to either hand. They put alot of work into detailing. The toy is about 10 inches tall.
I bought this from Sanshee. They only have the Max Caulfield plush now, and I dont know if they plan to make any others. I would probably buy a Chloe one to have both protagonists.