David Butleradded August 16, 2020

So, this is an odd unit. It combines both a desk clock and a desk calculator into a single unit. It also has no power switch, as the big toggle switch selects whether you are using the clock or the calculator.
The calculator is powered by a Texas Instruments TMS0106, while the clock is powered by a National Semiconductor MM5314. It is a bit odd that they used someone else's chip for the clock, since Texas Instruments produced both clock chips and calculator chips.
The display in Panaplex II, and has clear orange digits. Of course, leaving the clock on all the time causes them to fade. Thankfully, this one hasnt faded like that. The nain calculator keypad does nothing when the clock is active. Instead, we have a red button and clock button near the power cord. The black button advances the time forward slowly, while the red button advances the time quickly.
This calculator had a low production run, and apparently many people threw them out when the clock digits faded. I am glad to have one in good condition.