David Butleradded July 25, 2020

So, i bought my first vintage MS-DOS computer. The Morrow Pivot II came out in March 1985, and it is supposedly 100% IBM-compatible and capable of running MS-DOS 2.11. It has a 25-line backlit LCD for its screen. My unit also has outputs for RGBI and Composite video, which was apparently an optional addon ($400). My unit also has a built-in modem, but I'm not sure if its the old 300 baud modem from the original Morrow Pivot or the optional 1200 baud modem add-on ($400).
The unit had the following three options: 256K and a single floppy drive ($1,995), 256K and dual floppy drives ($2,995), and 640K with dual floppy drives ($3,795). My unit has 640K, so it was either sold as the third version or upgraded later. Not sure which.
This was a true portable computer, as it had both a small battery for saving date anf time as well as a big battery for powering the whole unit. I really like the form factor of either a lunchbox or a shoulder bag. It did come with a regular shoulder bag as well, for your "inception" needs. I'd probably use that outside anyway to avoid something getting in the vents.
The system boots to a world map and lets you set the time, date, and timezone. There is also a setup menu for things like date, time, display settings, and modem settings. I see an option for "external mono adapter" under "display", but it wont let me turn it on. Im guessing the video output addon is upset. When i plug compsite inyo my PVM, i get a mess. I dont have an RGBI monitor to test that port.
When i first got the machine, it wouldn't even boot from ROM. It just sat there with corrupt characters. I had to open the back, take out the 640K card, plus another card that i dont recognize, and put them back in. That got it to boot from ROM. I cannot get it to boot MS-DOS 2.11 from floppy. I havent tried games yet. The only game i have on 5.25 is Planet X3, which is not a PC-booter. I need to get it to boot DOS first.
This is an ongoing project.

SanderJuly 26, 2020

Those are some really low profile 5,25” drives, is that quarter height?