David Butleradded June 24, 2020

Out of all the tapes sold in the U.S., this is the rarest one. It was one of the earliest tapes released, and it was cancelled so quickly that it is hard to find it on Mego order forms. It took me a year of searching to find one at a reasonable price.
This tape is also the only U.S. tape that includes the 2-XL robot in the artwork, which is odd. I don't know why it talks about "Riddle Street" and "Monster Street". The 2-XL robot visits a magical eorld and goes to "Riddle-dee-dum", "Sound Dakota", the "Diamond Forest", the "Frozen Forest", and "I.Q. Land". Those two streets are never mentioned. You do meet the "Riddle Monster", alongside the "Sound-Silly" and "The Marquis", so maybe they got confused