Jeff Edwardsadded January 25, 2020

This is one of my favorite vintage pieces in my collection. It's the Batman Returns Batman from Kenner, and what an achievement it is considering this came out in the early 90s.
It always wowed me just how good they got the likeness to Michael Keaton (those lips), and even the sculpt for the suit is great. Though, the sculpt is closer to looking like the 89' Batman but that was never a problem for me.
This nifty guy originally came with a removable cape, the bat shield (as seen above) and a Bat-grappling hook, which I no longer have.
This mold was also used over and over to create so many wacky renditions of Batman; including the famous metallic suit Batman, or as I call him, gold Batman!
The best part about this toy? He has been with me since childhood--which is another testament to Kenner quality seeing as he has held up quite good, and I can assure you, he has been through some battles.
I love having him back in my collection and up on display with the rest of my vintage gems. Truly a favorite!

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