Jonathan Rodriguezadded August 6, 2019

What’s up Snupps, it’s been a cool minute but I’ve been on vacation and started working at my 2nd job so it’s been taking up my time but I’m back from my first trip out of state (not including mexico😂) from NYC and visited RoundTwo and got these for a steal 9.5/10 condition!
This shoe is the first shoe after my pair of Flight 45’s that got me into actual Retros, I wasn’t able to get them initially cuz of resale😂🤷🏻‍♂️
I have 3 projects going on at the moment so I’ll keep y’all updated
Stay blessed stay funky 🤪🍄

Mas MajorAugust 6, 2019


PeteMonUno CustomsAugust 6, 2019

You finally got em 👊🏽 That’s what’s up bro!