Nicholas Lynn Norrisadded May 31, 2020

Currently selling;
x1 Pokémon Gengar Evolution Line Blister
x1 Pokémon Obstagoon Evolution Line Blister.
Both with Holo Lucario Coins (SOLD!)
x4 Reg Pokémon Blister Packs, each with x3 coins of a Holo Poplio And x1 Holo Empolion Coin, plus a Holo Card And Booster Pack
Holo card are;
x2 Pikachu Holos
x1 Eevee Holo
x1 Sudowoodo Holo
And last but not least, we have x12 Pokémon TCG Unified Minds 3 Card Booster Packs!
Message me for prices, negation, shipping or anything else you would like to know!!

Jasper MillerMay 31, 2020


Jasper MillerJune 1, 2020

i mean bought this!


@Kom111 hope to see you get some good pulls!!