Nicholas Lynn Norrisadded December 10, 2019

This is my very first time painting Gunpla, had a LOT of trouble with the left arm, since it’s broke at the joint. I had to sand down through many coats of old glue to apply some Tamiya Liquid Extra Thin Cement.
I also tried to remove the old yellow Gundam marker paint from the Gundam’s claws, but it was NOT having any of it.
So to save the hand from losing its panel lines, and overall look, I reluctantly decided not to mess with it.
I made a load of mistakes. But, since this was my first kit I’ve ever built (meaning it had a lot of nubs left on it and a few broke parts,) I didn’t mind. I learned from em, and believe it came out pretty great looking.
I also painted the inner-frame quite a bit, but as you can see, you can’t really see it. I painted the inner-frame mainly because I wanted silver and gold-ish looking parts, for a little realism I suppose. But I also did it to, again, practice my painting and try different techniques to find my “zone,” you could say.
Also learned the “panel wash” technique, which saves A LOT of time panel lining the kit. It gives a pretty great looking “dirty-grungy” look, which I can see doing to a couple of my kits.
And as another note, the top coat I used was a “semi-gloss.” I didn’t notice until the last couple of parts. I originally wanted to use a full clear-gloss, but again, mistakes were made.
Still, happy how it ended up looking!