BatRanger Dadded October 16, 2018
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KaiziiOctober 17, 2018

@ConnorJacksonStarkey wooow

BatRanger DOctober 17, 2018

@Kaizii @ConnorJacksonStarkey Yeah, I had to resort to eBay... it came shipped in a Target box with Target packing tape, meaning it obviously came from an employee who is buying them all and flipping them online. 😑

XApolloZ12 /コナーOctober 17, 2018

@Gui7arDrew I know, I’ve asked employees if they have it in back and they don’t, I had a family member that used to work stock at Walmart and she said sometimes they hold it back for a while until it becomes of more value and if it doesn’t then they go ahead and sell it in store.