Carl Leon Hannenadded August 16, 2018

A lot of time spent on this one. Basically I shaped and joined wire netting using my hands to form the frame. I then attached a piece of copper wire on the back so it could be hung on the wall.
I carefully layered tissue paper dipped in cellulose glue over the frame in a paper maché style. Followed by then repeating the process but with news paper or heavier paper.
Then I stuck mesh tape and painted on three coats of plaster and sanded smooth. I did three layers of white acrylic and then I finished off with a purple/blue color scheme I did with enamel spray paint.
Lastly I did a silver spray paint layer where I laid the mesh tape down and spray painted over top. The effect is awesome.
Overall a lot of time and thought went into this piece and being first of a kind I am pleased with the results.
I decided to create a Mask because I wanted to create something truly three dimensional any way that was.