EnderrPlatadded December 9, 2020

Ayyy I'm baaaaack! Last month I bought this game brand new sealed on that brazilian website again (Mercado Livre) for less than 40 dollars (185 BRL)! Of course I opened it because I wanted to play the game. This game is one of the few I could see the trailer as a kid :)
So far really enjoying it! It's really hard and you have to grind a lot (which is something you don't need to do in new Pokémon games), and you can play online with people, going around maps/bosses. I'm currently stuck at chapter... 11? I think? On Kat Kraidel and Hinozal. I'm still grinding to get to a higher level and be able to defeat them
Really good game so far, with challenges and really good online




Yo-Kai Watch

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Mercado Livre