EnderrPlatadded August 17, 2020

I bought this a while ago (It arrived day 10 of august, 08/10) and have been playing since, and my god, what an amazing experience I've been having! I always wanted to play an original pokémon game because when I played in emulators I felt bad for not supporting the creators (I didn't have ANY console at the time), and now I could choose which game I wanted as a gift, so I chose Alpha Sapphire. I also have a friend from France who gave me some pokémon and have been enjoying everything in this game since.
Btw my favorite theme song I've heard so far in this game is definitely when I battled with Archie, that theme is absolute fire.


Nintendo, GAME FREAK, The Pokémon Company

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Mercado Livre (Brazilian website)

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