EnderrPlatadded June 22, 2020

I bought it a while ago and it arrived 06/12/2020 and I literally screamed when it came in my hands :') I love it so much I was waiting for that moment since 2013 (I'm not even joking). Anywaaaays, enough of my story now I'll describe everything in the pictures!
1- almost everything that came in the pack: The 3ds (no shit), the box, AR Cards and Metal Gear Solid 3D. It also came with the charger that I forgot to add in this picture (but I took a picture of it more ahead), and a red sort of protection thing to put around my 3ds, I don't think I'm gonna use it because I like to have it in the way it is, but it's still a nice addition to the pack :D
2- Now I took a picture of the other things: the charger (it looks like a mess, I'll explain wth these things on it are, later), the manuals and the thing that protects the 3ds on the box.
3- The AR Cards
4 and 5- Metal Gear Solid 3D with the manual, I have played it once until now and I'm still getting the hang of it TwT
6- This charger. This REALLY COMPLICATED CHARGER. That thing gave me so much trouble omfg. First off: It is only 110/120v right? Well guess what, my region (Santa Catarina, Brazil) is 220v, if I put it to charge the normal way my 3ds would probably explode. Second off: The charger has these "rectangles" that you put on the power plug right? Welp, my mum's house only has the power plugs with a circle in it. So I went to the city 3 DAYS searching for a energy transformer and just then I found a energy transformer for really cheap, it broke on the third time I used it. I returned it and got my money back, but I still needed one of these, another 2 days after, I found the one I am currently using, another problem: IT ALSO HAS ONLY RECTANGLES. NOT CIRCLES. I can use it with no problem in an extension or in my grandma's house tho, but here I need to use that thing I put in the transformer
7- The back of the 3ds
8 and 9- Mario & Luigi Dream Team, the game that came built-in