Brick Hauladded September 18, 2019

This little car was found in a 'vintage toy shop' in Portland, Oregon. There is something quaint about the little smile of vintage Lego minifigures and the simple but creative vehicles. While this car uses a uni-body as its chassis, I found the construction of the headlights very unique. I hadn't realized how much I missed 4-stud wide vehicles and their overall simplicity which attributes to a certain fanciful playstyle compared to the rigid playstyle which (unfortunately) comes from the modern 6-stud wide vehicles. TLDR: Smaller scale = Simpler style = More imagination possible

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bValeskaMarch 3, 2020

Though the new ones look so much better. And, my younger cousin rather likes playing with those than 4 stud wide cars. Depends on the child, I guess.

Brick HaulMarch 3, 2020

@sebastianvannyla Sometimes it's nostalgia thats the deciding factor. While I do like the detailed 6 stud wide cars from the last few years, there's something about the classic 4 stud wide that I like. In a lot of ways it allows for more imagination which is lacking in today's market of licenced Legos and IP's...