Davycustomkickz1982added August 29, 2018
PaulSeptember 3, 2018


Kicks4allSeptember 5, 2018

It might sound bad but I’ve never had it ruin my shoes...I pour straight degreaser in a tub just big enough to fit a shoe or two and I put enough degreaser in it jut to cover past the dirty marks and soak it over night, then I get like a nail brush, shoe brush or anything with allot of bristles on it that’s not to hard or to soft and scrub it and it usually comes of super easy then finish with a magic eraser. I actually clean all the bottom of my shoes after I wear them. Most my shoes look new on the bottom

Davycustomkickz1982September 5, 2018

@jose78 Oh wow degreaser that's a first lol but it doesn't hurt to try it👍