Mike O ConnorApril 27, 2021
LuckyshotApril 30, 2021

@Culain I sold both and old sea masters years back, I think about them when I see pics like yours, however the new sea masters are a freaking beast. I'm eyeing the white dial Olympics or a blue, or a black version. I tried them on and I can't say enough. Omega is no joke more so today than ever in their history. Those ceramic bezel and ceramic carved dials are insane. The movements put many to shame, I have the master CoAx Aqua Terra with the same movement and thinking of selling soon, in fact that's what I'm going to do.

Mike O ConnorApril 30, 2021

@luckyshot yes the new Seamaster is a beautiful beast!! Love the white dial. thats the trouble tho, we cant have them all. cant wait to see when you purchase one....

LuckyshotMay 1, 2021

@Culain oh boy, talk about peer pressure, I would love to get it tomorrow, but as you and I know having a crush on a watch can be disastrous. I have let go really amazing watches in my watch journey..