Cooperadded April 10, 2019

This deck has a lot of potential and I’m exited to use it!
Deck list:
Kabutops x3
Kabuto x1
Baby Buzzwole x1
Ditto* x1
Diancie* x1
Marshadow x1
Oranguru x1
Unidentified Fossil x4
Rare Candy x4
Ultra Ball x3
Choice Band x3
Pokémon Communication x2
Switch x1
Best Ball x1
Rescue Stretcher x1
Enhanced Hammer x1
Fossil Excavation Map x1
Field Blower x1
Pal Pad x1
Acro Bike x1
Guzma x3
Sabrina’s Suggestion x3
Copycat x3
Judge x2
Lillie x2
Tate & Liza x1
Cynthia x1
Fighting Energy x4
Double Colorless Energy x4
Unit Energy Fighting/Darkness/Fairy x4
P.S. I don’t have a lele so that’s why it’s not in the deck/list.
Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this deck!
UPDATE: I got a lele so I’m replacing it with a Lillie

WiltonApril 10, 2019

Rare to see a deck without gx cards, nice!

CooperApril 10, 2019

@wiltontam yep! I have no need for Gx cards in this deck. (Although when I get a lele then I’ll add it)

CooperAugust 7, 2019

UPDATE: I finally got Tapu Leles, I replaced it with a lillie