Cardback Cafeadded January 31, 2020

Another childhood favorite. This Jack has always been one of those security toys for me. I dragged him everywhere when I was a kid. When my oldest sister went to college, I was 7. Boy, I really needed Jack then. Only thing, my parents and I could not find him.
For years all that would remain of him would be his cap and beard. That is until this past Christmas. When searching for other vintage toys, I came upon two red-stick legs poking out of a pile of toys.
I pulled Jack from the pile, and there he was, grinning at me, looking just as friendly and willing to play as a puppy. I of course, grinned back.
I finally had peace of mind, knowing that I had my Jack again. I put on his cap and beard and he was complete.
Jack now enjoys a prime spot in my Disney display.
I am so happy to have him again!