3hris_added June 7, 2020

HOLY CRAP!! This figure is phenomenal. The only two MINOR complaints I have are that paint will rub off below the chest from the green part of the chest plate. It isn’t very noticeable, but nonetheless, it exists. The other has to do with the ankle articulation. It’s hindered a bit by the sculpt. You can still pull off some amazing poses though. The articulation otherwise is AMAZING. The sculpt is perfect. They did really well with the engineering in this figure too. The figure also boasts some amazing show accuracy. This is probably one of my favorite figures I’ve bought. I’m also glad that they gave us both the Ikari/Wrath head and a SSJ C-Type head. The base head isn’t bad, but he’s a little too buff for it. I hope they give us in the future a base form figure.