Sanderadded December 31, 2020

I guess this is as close as i’ll ever get to owning a late 60’s/ early 70’s computer. While called a calculator it’s much more then that. This machine was used by a chemical engineer at a water treatment installation. Many of the programs used were stored both on cassette tapes (which were included) and on paper.
The machine can be programmed with the various keys and functions on the keyboard. Although hexadecimal codes can be used aswell.
There are also 2 binders filled with documentation about using and programming. Aswell as flyers for external components like tape drives, floppy drives, harddiskdrive, printers, plotters, etc.
And it has a 32 nixie tube display, each row has 14 number tubes and 2 +/- tubes. Build in cassette tape drive and a helpfull quickstart guide hidden under the keyboard.
I think the keyboard is mechanical, or at least tactile. It has a nice ‘clickyness’ to it, but in no way a computer keyboard that i’m used to.
All in all, this thing ticked all the boxes and i’m happy to be it’s owner going forward.

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