Sanderadded June 28, 2020

Having only one Macintosh computer (The Mac Portable) is a major inconvience when it comes to getting stuff from the internet onto the Mac. As a windows and x86 user i’m used to just copy stuff across from a windows 10 machine al the way down to mid 80’s turbo xt clones.
This is not an option as Apple did it’s best to make the platforms as incompatable as possible. The Floppy Emu is a great solution for this, as the sd card works on a windows machine. Just copy the floppy images onto the card and connect the emulator to the Mac and it works.
It can function as a normal mac floppy drive or an “HD20” harddisk, i haven’t tested the HD20 images yet.
The sd card came pre-loaded with a bunch of software and some empty image files that can be used to copy over archived files, using an image editor.

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