Sanderadded March 26, 2020

Wang laboratories WLTC, with build-in printer and 10mb Winchester harddrive and 2 external 720k DD diskdrives.
This machine at some point belonged to the Dutch airline KLM.
Both the laptop and the external diskdrives have batteries. Although the ones in the diskdrives were the original 1986 NiCad’s and had leaked, so i had to remove those.
This is not a fully IBM compatable system, but it is MS DOS compatable. It can’t boot normal MS DOS bootdisks (needs a “Wang Track”, maybe with some BIOS instructions on the floppy) but can run non bootable MS DOS disks as normal. It has both Dos 3.20 and Wang’s own Disk operating system installed. With norton commander as a file manager.

@GamebrainsOctober 26, 2020

Oh look! I left my Wang out! xD