Sanderadded June 6, 2019

The HP-85 A, a more professional computer/calculator then a home- or personel computer.
I believe it runs on a 600kHz HP special CPU with 16kb of ram which is expandable to 64kb.
Does some form of basic, not really familiar with it yet.
Included where a ROM drawer, which holds up to 6 ROM chips for upgrades and a tape cartrigde.
The internal tape reader has a worn capstan and the tape in the cartridge was damaged. Also the drive belt (which should be in the tape cart) is gone, so i won’t be using that anytime soon. The printer works, the screen has some burn in, but overal a nice machine. And coming from januari 1982, my oldest “portable” computer.
I might try to find an HPIB card for this machine and one for a normal PC. An additional 16kb ram card would be nice too.