Sanderadded February 17, 2019

Ex militairy Fluke 8125A multimeter. Always wanted a Fluke for myself, but always thought they were to expensive. This one has a little issue with a display driver IC, so the 1 character in all 4 tubes is always on. Otherwise it works fairly well. Still quite accurate aswell. I like the fact they used a special tube for + and -, not sure if that one has more symbols in there.
Update: the screen works as normal again. The BCD nixie driver IC was broken. An replacement DM7441AN fixed it.
And it came with an original vintage 1982 leaky ni-cad battery.... which sat in a metal tray and couldn’t leak over the PCB.
Update 2: Fitted 18 Ni-MH AA batteries to replace the original Ni-Cad battery. Now, it can be used without plugging it into the mains.
I believe it should even be possible to recharge the batteies in de meter while mains powered.

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James ThijssenFebruary 18, 2019

@Blabla1985 I don't remember either, but that's what made me want something with everything

SanderFebruary 18, 2019

@LegoCollector84 yep, he’s the reason i got a watch with nixie tubes for display after he reviewed one. Now i’m looking for all sorts of stuff with nixie displays

SimonTheSirenFebruary 19, 2019

@Blabla1985 It's the Scientific Audio Electronics Mk6 FM Tuner, didn't have VU meters, though. The one with scope and VU meters was the Pioneer SD-1000 Stereo display scope.