Aaron CAugust 1, 2019

All radium dials emit radon gas. Radium decays into radon.
Many people don't care about the radiation, but I bought a meter and one watch can raise the radon level in an un-venilated room to a level that's unacceptable to me.
If you ventilate well it shouldn't be a problem, but I don't want to always worry about ventilating the room where I keep my watches. I decided to not own radium watches.

N-igmaAugust 10, 2019

Beautiful dial and design. Would a clean and relume been an option ?

Aaron CAugust 10, 2019

@all-x You could absolutely pay someone to remove and replace the radium, although I've never had it done.
Unfortunately, for the purists, this is a big no-no since it destroys the originality of the watch. I'm one of those purists who prizes originality.
The Rolexes, Speedmasters, etc that get crazy money at auction are the ones that are in the best condition and most original. I agree with this way of thought.