CraigApril 15, 2020

@Richard_Sport_Etc Certainly! ...Zuccolo Rochet Company (ZRC) have been around since 1904. In 2015, the founder’s great grandsons developed this re-issue of the GF300 from the 1960’s which was originally approved by the French Navy and worn by one of Cousteau’s divers aboard the Calypso. The 320-piece North Adventure LE was developed in collaboration with explorer Alban Michon and features several unique customisations over the standard GF300. The LE model was launched via a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Michon’s 62-day solo expedition through the North West passage. The watch was available in either a satin finish on ZRC’s unique metal bracelet, or a blasted finish on a black two-piece NATO bearing the North Adventure logo. This is the former, although currently on a Zulu Diver canvas strap.

RichieApril 16, 2020

Ok thank you for this info buddy I do appreciate you going in depth for us to understand more on this gorgeous piece, cheers!!!

NiklasApril 16, 2020

Congrats 🥳Looks to be a serious heavyweight watch built for its purpose💪👍